Mission Statement

Sharing the gospel with those who have little opportunity to hear it and helping the unfortunate help themselves. Please partner with us.


The Starfish Foundation is currently involved in changing lives in Indonesia through several focused initiatives.


Current Indonesia Projects

We are partnering with Dasami Foundation, an Indonesia based group which knows that any lasting solution to poverty must include education. Their approach to the academic and vocational needs of young people as well as adults is practical and has produced significant changes in families. We invite you to share in one or more of the following projects:

**Vocational school sponsorships. $350. provides instruction, everything they need to learn , including cloth and sends the graduates home with a new treddle sewing maching. They have the knowledge and equipment necessary to be have a home based tailoring business the day after graduation. Testimonials of how this is making a difference are inspiring. $350. also provides instruction, supplies with which to learn and initial supplies to take home and be in the beauty salon business on the first day after completion of that course. Both courses are taught by individuals with over 20 years experience in their trade. This is foreign aid that works. Will you sponsor a student as we help people help themselves?

**Computers for the computer course. There are not enough high schools to accommodate all students in Indonesia. Facilities do double duty. One group of students go to school six days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Another group goes to the same school from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This means students are out of school half a day each day. Free computer courses are offered during this period. More than 150 students are frequently enrolled at any given time. This training has enabled some to get employment right out of high school. Six computers are presently needed to replace those that have worn out. $425. buys a computer. Supplies such as paper, ink and disks are always in need. $100. monthly would provide these for the course.