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Good Samaritan Orphanage- Haiti- May 2010 newsletter

Good Samaritan Orphanage

Fort Liberte, Haiti

In partnership with Starfish Foundation.

A report from Dennis Cady –   Executive Director

May 2010

The Children of Good Samaritan




In February, one month after the 7.0 earthquake put Port au Prince in our living rooms, I went to Haiti.  With experience in helping after the Asian tsunami of 2004 and the 8.7 earth- quake in Indonesia in 2005 and with a passion to use some of our bountiful blessings, I had four goals:

  1. Find a proven Haitian with which to partner
  2. Identify a piece of the puzzle that wouldn’t be addressed
  3. Engage in something that would make a real difference
  4. Help people help themselves

Relying on the advice of a friend who had lived in Haiti for years, I quickly located what we were looking for:  Good Samaritan Orphanage operated by Mr. and Mrs. Anilus Justin in the city of Fort Liberte.  The Justins started the orphanage in 1999.  Many of the children had been taken in when a mother at the hospital, where Mrs. Justin works as a nurse in the maternity ward, died in childbirth, leaving a newborn and/or other child. Or, when a mother would give birth and abandon the newborn at the

hospital because she knew she couldn’t

provide for it.  Some of the immediate needs of Good Samaritan were obvious.  The 29 orphans already there sometimes got just one meal a day,

Many slept on concrete slabs, water had to be carried to the property and children had no place to play—not so much as a single ball to throw or catch.  It was also evident that we could help 15 recent earthquake orphans by funding the completion of five rooms which were about 75% complete with no money available to finish them.  They had no dining room, so plates of food were handed out of a 4′ x 12′ kitchen that didn’t even have running water and the orphans ate in their rooms.

Immediate Response


Donations given directly to Starfish Foundation and through churches in the weeks following the Haiti earth- quake made one time funds available.  The first part of this money has been used as follows:

  1. $12,000. was given to complete the five unfinished rooms for 15 earthquake orphans, bringing the population of Good  Samaritan to 44.
  2. $8,000. was given to purchase a lot adjoining the home. This space measuring about 30′ x 100′ could be used to build a multipurpose building described below and provide desperately needed play area.
  3. $10,500. was given for several miscellaneous upgrades: added water storage, mattresses for all beds, a secure steel entry gate, railings around the top of the

(#3 continued)

second floor to allow clothes to be dried there, and children to play more safely.

During a second visit to Good Samaritan Orphanage in April I witnessed a lot of progress in each of the above areas and met the ten boys and five girls, ages 4-10, who had moved in April 13th.  Some had been picked up off the streets where they were begging.  Some had been temporarily taken in by relatives after their parents were killed in the earthquake.  Some were rescued from abusive situations. Most showed emotional scars from the previous three months.  Some of them didn’t know when their birthday was or how old they were.  They have a long way to go, but they are in a place where there is love and proper care.  Things are better for them now.

Anilus Receives Funds

One Thing Calls for Another


The orphanage was receiving $1,000.

monthly from a donor who had also provided most of the money to build the facility—and was very appreciative. However that wasn’t enough to care for the 29 orphans they had.  The Justins had been getting by due to Mrs.  Justin’s salary as a nurse but they needed relief AND now we were helping them add 15 new orphans.  We determined two needs had to be met, one immediately and one as soon as possible.

The first was that the daily needs of the 44 orphans had to be adequately funded.   Apart from occasional special needs $80. monthly will support a child.  That covers food, clothing, most educational expenses and routine medical needs.  That gives an annual budget of $42,240. We plan to raise that by (a) securing sponsors for each child, (b) one time contributions or (c) a combination of the two. Separately we picture the children needing sponsors.   Being a sponsor doesn’t fit everyone’s situation, but if you can make it fit yours please look at their pictures, select one and let us know what you want to do.  The $80. can be paid monthly, annually or any way in between.

The second need is the multipurpose building mentioned above.  Planned is a single story concrete block building about 20′ x 50′.  While only a single story will be built at this time the foundation will be built to accommodate a two story structure and the roof will be flat and of concrete.  A second story can be added later for uses we will explain at a future time.  This building will include a more modern and adequate kitchen with a serving window into a dining room.  The dining room can also be used as a study hall, recreation center and more.  The estimated cost:  $40,000.  Anilus asked me as we stood on the site and talked about this huge need in April, “When do you think we can start building?”  I told him I hoped not later than December.  It would sure be nice to build it much sooner.

The Nurse Is In


Mrs. Justin’s experience in nursing is a great asset.  Before the 15 new orphans could be brought   into   the  orphanage

they had to be tested for AIDS and TB,

both terrible problems in Haiti.  All tested   negative.    All   were  given

vaccinations  for  tetanus  and measles.

It was entertaining to listen to some of

them tell how they didn’t cry but others did.  All were given medicine for worms.  The day following de-worming, four year old Djivenson passed 20 tapeworms.  When I was there a week after they moved in, cases of ringworm were being treated and all the boys had their heads shaved to get rid of lice.  All of these issues would not have been addressed if these children had not become part of the orphanage family.

May We Talk?


I know there are many appeals that reach the eyes and ears of people like those for whom this report is written.

I know we can’t help everyone.  Actually I fear Haiti is so badly broken that it cannot be fixed.  It would be a huge task if the people at the top were committed to doing it and I doubt they are.  We aren’t trying to fix Haiti.  We are going to save 44 Haitian kids and hopefully turn them into productive adults with values you’d be proud for your children and grandchildren to have.  We are going to do that.  It will be a lot easier with your help.  I’ll take my power point presentation any where in this nation and tell the story of the orphans at Good Samaritan Orphanage. May I have an opportunity to tell you why I take my time and my money and joyfully go to Haiti?  All I ask is that you listen to the story.  Then if you say “I can’t” I’ll thank you for listening.  Contact me at any of the contact points below.  Send a check payable to Starfish Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity.  Tell others or introduce me to others so I might tell them about Johnsly or Sintea or Fransly and 41 other orphans at Good Samaritan Orphanage.  Invite a small group of friends to listen.

Thank you.

Dennis J. Cady

What piece of this puzzle can you take?

  1. Send a one time contribution.
  2. Sponsor a child for $80. monthly or shared sponsor-ship for $40. monthly.
  3. Suggest to a club or other group you are a part of that they sponsor an orphan.
  4. Pass this report to someone who you know has a heart for helping, attaching a personal note encouraging them to consider our needs.
  5. Pass along to us email and/or snail mail addresses as we build a mailing list for these reports.
  6. Invite some friends to your house and ask Dennis to make a presentation about Good Samaritan Orphanage.


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