Mission Statement

Sharing the gospel with those who have little opportunity to hear it and helping the unfortunate help themselves. Please partner with us.

South Sudan


Helping the people of South Sudan help themselves, contribute to harmony in their nation and teach them God has a plan for their lives!

Introducing South Sudan


South Sudan, the world’s newest nation, became independent from Sudan in 2011, following over 20 years of civil war.  From 1983 to 2005 2.2 million people were killed in what many consider genocide.  Another 4 million fled their homes and survived in refugee camps in neighboring countries.  Stories of survival told by those who have returned home are moving indeed.  Most of the infrastructure of South Sudan was destroyed.  The new country faces numerous challenges but is potentially rich.  It has oil, gold, uranium and other minerals.  Its land is fertile.  The Nile River flows through it.    Its greatest resource is its people who have a wonderful  spirit,  though  most can tell of  horrific experiences  at the hands of Moslem Sudan.  Billboards define how the South Sudanese see their country: The New Shining Star of Africa.


Serving South Sudan


Serving South Sudan is a work of Starfish Foundation, a humanitarian 501(c)(3) organization with experience in developing countries.  While we appreciate those who respond in times of crisis with water, food, tents, and immediate care; we want to be part of a long term solution.  Chuck Dennis and Dennis Cady have made two trips to South Sudan to learn of the many needs.  They have looked, listened, and researched what others are successfully doing in similar places.  They assure donors that every cent given will reach South Sudan.  Nothing will be taken for U.S. salaries, travel, or fund raising and reporting expenses.

Christian Vocational Boarding School


It is easy to be overwhelmed with the needs of the people in this young nation.  Virtually everything is needed.  At the request of the governor of Jonglei State, South Sudan’s largest state, work has begun to establish a Christian vocational boarding school.  Most of the people make their living as subsistence farmers and cattle raisers.  They farm like their grandfathers did.  The six tribes of Jonglei State have been at odds with one another.  Sometimes this has exploded into fighting, killing and burning of villages.  The governor is right  when he says if young people from all six tribes are brought to a boarding school where they will live, eat, study, and play together they will form friendships and influence others towards unity and harmony.  This school is a win, win, win situation.  First, young people will be taught skills in such areas as agriculture, tailoring, electronics, electrical, beauty salon, computers, and carpentry.  This will put money in their pockets which will translate to medicine when they are sick, being able to send children to school, and more.  Second, it will be a step towards unity as people previously isolated from one another are brought together on neutral ground.  Third, while the students are at the school they will be taught that God has a plan for their lives and be trained to share that good news with others.

Campus Construction Needs


2 ½ acres of land were requested and the government of Jonglei State graciously gave 6 ¼ acres.  A school campus is being built on this land.  Phase One includes facilities for 60 students and 3 teachers.  This consists of classrooms, a kitchen, a multipurpose building which will also serve as a dining room and study hall, agricultural demonstration plots, a large garden and a soccer field.  The ultimate goal is 140 students and 7 teachers.  Construction costs are high.  South Sudan produces almost nothing non-agricultural.  Cement, steel, and other building materials must come from Kenya or Uganda over terrible roads which drive up transportation costs.  The school must provide its own water well, electricity and sewage disposal. The goal is to build a campus that will be usable for a long time.  The land has been cleared.  It must be fenced.

Chuck and Dennis are committed to being major contributors to both the construction and operation of the vocational school, but they must have help from others.  Ask yourself what you would want someone else to do if you were living in South Sudan and realized someone had the ability to make a difference.   WON’T YOU HELP?  Tax deductible contributions can be made payable to Starfish Foundation—South Sudan.



Like the Bible says……what you want for yourself, you want others to have it.”

Stephen Par Kuol

Minister of Education

Jonglei State, South Sudan