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Sharing the gospel with those who have little opportunity to hear it and helping the unfortunate help themselves. Please partner with us.

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Starfish Foundation Engages in spiritual and humanitarian work among those who have very limited opportunities. We realize the greatest difference between those of us who live in the United States of America and those in developing countries is not intelligence or ambition. It is that we were born here and they were born there. Inspired by the Starfish Story we know we cannot fix broken governments and undo layers of corruption. We cannot make major changes in infrastructures. However, we can identify some specific needs and make a difference for individuals and small groups. We believe doing things God’s way not only prepares us and others for heaven but it contributes to a better life here on earth. A principle important to us is that of helping people help themselves. We generally do not have soup lines or humanitarian distributions. We believe in education at various levels. We presently work in three countries.


SOUTH SUDAN: This is the newest country of world, gaining independence in 2011 after the longest civil war ever in Africa. Fighting lasted 22 years during which over 2 million people died of war and starvation. Before and since that civil war unrest between tribes have troubled the country. The infrastructure is so lacking. Less than half of the school age children go to school. Most schools are crowded and understaffed. Facilities are sub-standard. The government struggles with many issues. Our work includes Jonglie Christian Vocational Boarding School where we teach IT, electrical engineering, carpentry, tailoring, agriculture and Bible. We have two Christian literature centers which are basically Bible correspondence course offices, successfully run in a country where there is no post office or postage stamp. We are training men to preach the gospel to their own people. A.S.A.P. (A School Aid Program) helps school children and schools in primary education needs.

INDONESIA: We have been working on Nias Island since 1995. Indonesia is the 4th largest country in the world; the largest Moslem country in the world. It consists of over 6000 inhabited islands. All of this presents some unique challenges. Our involvement includes working with over 85 village churches, Jochebed’s Choice Children’s Home which is home to 43 children from the poorest of the poor families, a dormitory program providing dormitory housing for up to 80 high school and college students, vocational training in computers, tailoring and motorcycle repair, training for church leaders, and more. The children’s home and dormitory program are funded through sponsors of specific children and students at $60 and $20 monthly, respectively.

HAITI: Our involvement began following the January 2010 earthquake that inflicted so much destruction in this, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. At that time we assumed support for Good Samaritan Orphanage, which was home for 29 orphans. Today it is home for 53. The orphanage is operated by Mr. & Mrs. Anilus Justin. We provide $5000 monthly which is the primary support for the orphanage. The children there all have touching stories. They count on us. Most of the funding comes through individual sponsors of orphans, at $80 monthly.

There are many needs in each of these places. One time or regular contributions are continually sought. Periodic newsletters telling of the works are available via the tabs on our home page. Contact us for more details.


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